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Abortion Method Why Do People Have Abortions?

Thanks for showing interest in rescuing babies. 4 lakhs babies that are aborted every month in India! Why are these babies being terminated? Mostly because the babies are simply unwanted and people are ignorantly throwing away their own children in the name of prosperity not realizing it’s a person. How valuable is a person? Un-measurable! If a man with 3 children looses his well paid job, he would never consider killing his smallest child to survive financially! Therefore if a 3rd unexpected pregnancy happens, for economic reasons it would not be right to terminate that child through abortion either. Life begins at conception not birth and therefore once pregnant it is too late to decide you don’t want that child. It is already a person, has a spirit from God. It wants to live, to chat with you, play with you eat sweets! The photos in this booklet show that the foetus is a real person a baby not just skin. At 3 weeks the heart is beating and all major organs are already beginning to form by 6 weeks. How many mothers would still have an abortion if they 1st saw photos like this of the child in their womb? It is a womb not a tomb! Some people think it is ok to terminate the baby if it has a leg problem or 1 ear missing or other health problem. This is how world war two started! Hitler closed down all hospitals for sick children ordering their termination. He said we cant afford to look after so many sick people. This same ‘Hitler Spirit’ is trying to grip India today and must be stopped. It is not ok for police to execute you if you had an accident and became blind and in the same way it is totally wrong to terminate an unborn baby which is blind. Life begins a conception: once the egg and sperm fertilize, the DNA forms and the miracle of life occurs and all the details of that person is established. God has a dream for that baby, it may be a future Gandhi or invent a cure for cancer! Don’t start your marriage by killing the kids! As soon as you or your wife are pregnant accept it as a gift not an inconvenience. One of the most wonderful privileges we have is to create life and bring up children. Only God can decide who lives and who dies, never man. If a Dr reveals the gender of the unborn baby in India he can be put in prison for 3 years! When you see a puppy in the road your heart goes out for it. How much more should we care for little babies? When a new born unwanted baby is put in the road or dumped we all rightly feel “Oh how terrible” It is just as terrible to loose a pre- born child through abortion. 6 months after born and 6 months before birth are both real living people; both should be wanted. The photo on the left shows the remains of the baby after an abortion operation or as result of taking the abortion pill. The pictures on the next page look more like a war scene than a hospital photo. Drs are meant to save life not take it! Most people if they saw these photos and learned the truth about when life begins, would never have an abortion. Because it is hard work to bring up a child and a little expensive and since everyone is having abortions it is becoming socially acceptable. That is why you need to show these photos to your friends and family and be able to explains these points.

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