You can share the videos on this site with all your friends systematically. You can also watch the videos on each subject as training so that each week you can bring the subject up with your classmates, friends and family. Learn how to debate these issues, research more on youtube and online to learn more facts. Let your burden to see your nation change grow but always stay positive, these things can and will change!


1. Posters: Stand by college gate e.g: “We will never marry a person who watches a person who watches porn,” “Love is for life- don’t waste your bodily glue”, “Never kill your own baby: Don’t have an abortion,” Fetal photos, “End the baby genocide”, “Save sex for marriage” etc.  For free posters ready: click here
2. Write a letter explaining porn addiction and give it to all high school headmasters in your area together with a letter for all parents on how to install parental software on their home computers and children’s digital devices.
(Rescue standard letter available on your request)
3. Training: Watch Rescue DVDs together and take notes.
4. Train yourself and go do 1-hour classes for year 10 high schoool students in June or January when you are on semester holidays and schools are running. (Boys take boys, girls take girls).
5. Show aborted baby photos to Medical shop
6. Check Cyber cafes in your area that they have installed porn-blocking software on each system. If not, warn them or directly call police and go together and show.(Type in ‘sex’ on google and see if explicit content comes. Be careful to look away quickly. You may do this in teams). The police will cancel the licence of the shop.
7. Send written notice/letters to all cyber cafes about harm of porn on high school children from team or via police.
8. Take/Video lots of interviews of doctors, nurses, mothers, students all their parents about these issues and produce a documentary.
9. Write songs and arrange skits for college cultural programs on these issues.
10. Produce small videos for upload to Youtube.
11. Produce a documentary addressing these issues.
12. Do survey of girls and boys regarding these issues and how much it is prevalent amongst them.
13. Do petition of all college students demanding Deputy Director of Education to include in syllabus a topic on Cyber Ethics or block internet porn.
i.Quick power point on abortion as example.
14. Meet authorities with specific goal: MLA- for new law, Police- for enforcing law, Education board- for changed syllabus, university dean etc.
15. Arrange debates in college on main issues.
16. Contact/Network/Interchange with other teams or share ideas.
17. Research, get multiple sources for statistics and record source. Send soft copy to all team via email. Detailed research on abortion and trafficking.
18. Set your google news to pick up what is going on concerning these issues and report back to team.
19. Paint in black “IPC 292” on all semi-pornographic cinema posters in the city.
20. Write an article for a local newspaper or magazine on any one of these issues. Connect it to something happening in the news.
21. Organize a march in the city for 45 minutes, blocking the traffic by informing the police in writing the day before and calling all the press. Have a press meet straight afterwards and appoint one person to make brief 15 minutes speech in front of the cameras. During march, have same posters as used in college campus above and shout out slogans already practised. (See No.1)
22. Motor bike march: Two people per bike, second person holds the poster.
i. Go to DC offices, police stations, colleges, cinemas, pause and chant the words on the poster and send someone inside to give letter to main authority.
23. Sting operations: Go to medical shops in twos and ask for abortion tablet with the second person secretly videoing using mobile or spy camera (online Rs 1500) and report to the press.
24. Raids with police and press: Go to download centers and ask for blue movies by giving a chip/pendrive. If they agree, collect it and pay the amount. Next day got to the local police station and explain what happened, take an inspector with you and repeat asking for porn the same way by having the police some distance away. Once they give porn, let the police rush in to arrest. Inform the press the same day morning to be ready however do not tell them the location. As soon as the arrest is made, call the press in. Using the help of the police and press in this way will ensure no perversion of justice (no bribes)
25. Call press meeting: in case of some shocking stories/ statistics/ publishing surveys/ interviews or news concerning these issues.
i) Be careful not to spoil the name of your college
ii) Have press notes summary ready- news, stats, your demands etc.
Form new college team
  1. Call weekly meetings while the issues are burning
  2. Get permission to use one classroom in the lunch time or college time.
  3. Talk to all the interested people and encourage friends to join
  4. Appoint a leader who will guide the discussion
  5. Form a whatsapp group to keep in touch.