What does the Big bang, DNA, proteins, cells tell us about our origins? Did we really come from nothing? Did life really just evolve? Did man come from monkeys? Are we just advanced bacteria or something infinitely more? Does the fossil record support evolution or a creator? Why is the ‘science’ so biased? What is your biology teacher not telling you? These are ultimate questions which demand serious study…

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Mutations and Evolution


Complexity of Life


Signature in the cell


Big Bang Theory

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Importance of Personal Questioning

Today’s student behaviour in area relationships , abortions, pornography, abuse, and drugs seems to be declining. Perhaps one reason is that we are teaching them that they are basically animals, chemical reactions rather than people with purpose, destiny, and accountability.

Western Atheistic culture has influenced their science to only see undirected natural processes in the origin of the universe, life and complex organisms. The majority of Indian scientists and professors however do not hold that view, but acknowledge the role of some Intelligent Designer. The Big bang theory, DNA, the expanding universe, the fossil record, dark energy when understood seem to provide strong evidence for design and intelligence at the heart of nature.

While natural selection, genetic mutation and micro evolution are well documented theories, tiny changes in beaks, wings, and colour can hardly be extrapolated to account for the arrival of new species of organisms. Scientific breakthrough in our understanding of Nano machines in all living cells, composition of the earths ancient atmosphere, cosmic microwave background radiation, and the accuracy of electromagnetic field detectors in sharks are some of the major discoveries which challenge neo Darwinism. Analysing the mathematical probability of a single protein forming at random even in the 1017 seconds since the big bang even anywhere in our massive universe of 1080 atoms is so remote: 10million, it renders abiogenesis a ludicrous idea.

It is important that we present the other side of science in the areas of origins; a position held as stated by the majority of professors in India: special creation, as a scientifically viable possibility. This presentation will not argue from philosophy or religion but only from science. We make no philosophical assumptions although we recognise the philosophical implications of design. The dubious evidence for Darwinism : peppered moths, finches beaks, four wing fruit flies, vestigial organs, junk DNA, monkey to man, Haeckle’s embryo drawings have had serious scientific challenges which cannot be ignored and students should not remain ignorant of such scientific descent. Moreover the explosion of life in the Cambrian period, the discrete aspects of the fossil record, the advance nature of trilobites eyes, and design features in camels and giraffes seem to point towards intelligent design.

Western culture is based on an atheistic world view with neo Darwinism as one of its axioms, and so to question evolution leads to loss of job, research funding and being discredited and excluded from scientific literature. However Indian culture is much more accommodating of ideas of design in nature, ultimate purpose, and higher spiritual concepts. If western science has slid into absurdity due to their atheistic religious world view, why should India blindly follow?

We would like to present a free 3.5 hours seminar to UG and/or PG science , engeneering , medical , pharmacy, nursing, or science PUC, students on these crucial issues. The first 2 hours will be on the subjects above including time for questions and discussion. After a brief break the last hour will address youth ethical issues and bad habits including pornography, abortion, promiscuity, relationships, AIDS, sexual harassment, human trafficking and reversed sexual orientation from a Indian traditional perspective.

 Abishek Clifford CEO Rescue