Pornography has become one of the most addictive habits on the internet and is gripping the youth on-mass. We greatly appreciate your decision to get rid of this habit before it ruins you. The following 8 practical steps will help you in break free from this habit and live a better life!


STEP 1: Understand the hazards of porn. From messing up your brain making you into an addict or pervert, to ruining your future and reducing your potential in studies and your career, it’s the most destructive habit gripping youth today. So when you realize this, part of you will start wanting to stop because that’s the voice of truth inside you… which is probably why you’re reading his now. You need to keep reminding yourself that this isn’t the kind of life you want to lead, being a slave to a digital evil. Quote “Fools are right in their own eyes but a wise person listens to sound advice”.

STEP 2: One of the most important steps… download any parental porn-blocking software like Google K9 or any other such kind of apps. Download it on all your digital devices like mobile, PC, tab etc. to block any explicit content and pop ups which can appear and tempt you each time you access the internet. Make sure you type in a password which you will never remember or get a trusted friend to put the password for you.

STEP 3: Start engaging yourself in other productive activities. Explore your talents to see what can keep you engaged and away from these videos which virtually do absolutely no good to your brain. Start channelizing your energy into your studies, career, hobbies like reading or any other activities such as aerobics or creative things.

STEP 4: One of the occasions when you feel like going back to the habit is when you are stressed out or when you are bored. Therefore it is essential that you find a substitute for it. If your mind tells you you are bored and you need to watch it, tell it that there are a 100 other better things for you to do. Similarly if you are stressed out and you feel like doing it, this is surely NOT a stress buster and instead it increases your brain activity. You need to find something else which is relaxing. However, depending on how long you have been involved in the porn habit, the more difficult it is to convince your mind to stick to the right decision. So you need to stand firm and say NO and find your interest in something else productive which will be very beneficial for you in the long run.

STEP 5: Change your environment which facilitated this habit. This is hard but it’s a MUST-do. For eg: if you watch or play such videos on your PC in your bedroom, shift it to the living room so that you won’t be tempted to play when you are alone. Similarly make changes in your routine so that nothing gives you the chance to go back to the habit. For eg: if you have the habit of going to bed and watching it until you get sleepy, make sure from now on you go to bed after you work and feel sleepy.

STEP 6: Keep a journal and record your improvement on a daily basis. With everyday, the overall time you spend in the habit must decrease until you completely stop. If you fail and go back to it one day, record what was it that led you to get tempted and find a solution for it so that you will not give in next time. Journaling your progress this way motivates you to keep going and gives you feedback on your improvement.

STEP 7: Avoid sources such as friends or social media through which you get access to new games/videos. Stay away from anything or anybody who tempts you into the habit. Stand up for what is right.


STEP 8: Finally, but most importantly, believe in yourself. Believe that you can change if you decide to. Like the old proverb goes, if there’s a will, there’s ALWAYS a way. Therefore, there always needs to be a strong and grounded will. Keep in mind that most consequences in our lives are a repercussion of the choices we make. Do not let guilt or regret overcome you but rather exercise wisdom and work towards being  an example of a true moral and virtuous man or woman in your sphere of influence.


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