If you are interested in doing a short term internship with Rescue or to join us full time please email us, we would love to hear from you! All interns and new staff have to go through the videos on this site and write a not-too-difficult exam when they come for a friendly interview. You can do an internship in your city wherever you are in India. Though we are based in Mysore, all reports can be sent on-line. The interview can be by Skype. In this way we can maximize impact all over India. You will be trained through the videos and then after the exam ,  you can go to meet about a dozen principals in your city. Those that give permission you will do a 50 minute presentation in their schools colleges to people of your gender. You can take photos and get the headmaster’s/ principal’s sign and then we report to your college principal based on the documents you send that you have successfully done the internship.