Intro to Cyber Ethics

Summaryof Rescue Topics

 Porn and Human Trafficking

Porn addiction is epidemic. We can no longer remain silent, this issue has to be talked about to college students showing the implications of hours of watching sex…

The Baby Genocide

1 million babies are terminated every month in India in the barbaric ways of abortion. 90,000 just because they are girls. Only 2% is because of rape or health issues, 98% because they are unwanted. How can we allow a baby genocide in our generation? How do they do abortions? Abortion shows why we shoudl not have sex until we are married and ready to receive children. Contraception is only 80% in a one year relationship. If you were God and your creation had wiped out 200 million of your children in one generation what would you do?

Pro Life Vs Pro choice

Why People Have Abortions And How To Counter Argue

Detailed anti Porn Seminar for training purposes
One Lifetime Lover

Sex is glue to stick two people together. Don’t waste it on someone who is not your lifetime lover / sleeping partner. 99.3% of AIDS spread amongst youths (non drug addicts) is through pre marital sex. AIDS is a death sentence. Contraception is only 80% successful in a 1-year relationship. The highest risk group for carrying STDs like AIDS are prostitutes. Don’t you want to live past 30? Don’t pay for sex! Stay a virgin until you are married!

Very Intelligent Design

What does the big bang, DNA, proteins, cells, tell us about our origins? Did we really come from nothing? Did life really just evolve? Did man come from monkeys? Are we just advanced bacteria or something infinitely more? Does the fossil record support evolution or a creator? Why is the ‘science’ so biased? What is your biology teacher not telling you? These are ultimate questions which demand serioius study…

Human Trafficking

500 girls from each state every month are trafficked, abducted, tortured, starved, raped, drugged and forced into horrific sex slavery. It is mostly teenage girls. They are raped by average 7 guys per night who come to use their bodies in the brothel. Currently there are 100,000 teenage sex slaves in south India in the Pimp Empire. We pay Rs50 Crore to them per day in prostitution. If you watch teenage porn, you contribute to this slavery. What if it was your sister, your daughter or you?