Social Media activism is the best way to reach maximum number of people with the message in this digital era. You can share the low-memory format videos on any of these topics on the respective pages on your Facebook, Whatsapp pages and create awareness.
Here are also some of the posters designed by various socially committed students on these issues. You may print any of these and put them up in your schools and colleges. You can also create your own posters using your own slogans or using the ones on the bottom of this page and email them to

The Baby Poison

3000 College Girls Take it Every Month In Bangalore
Source All India Institue of Medical Science and WHO

Never Marry Someone
Who Watches Porn!
Porn Destroys Love!
And Ruins Romance

Porn Turns Good Guys
Into Rapists and Pedophiles

Stop The Porn Epidemic!
5 Years Jail
For Distributing Porn!
It Act 2008-67A

13 Million Youth Watch A Rape Video Every
Day In South India

Source: Rescue Survey 2016 South India

Everything did not come from Nothing.

Who Caused the Big Bang?


DNA is an Instruction Manual in all Life

Who wrote it?

Most scientists do not believe in Evolution.

Suicide is Never the Answer

Never give up, God likes you!

Billions Of Years Of Monkeys Banging On Computer Keyboards Would Never Turn Windows 8 To Windows 10

Random Genetic mutations could never produce Man’s DNA

Chance of getting cell from random processes is 1 in 10 will million zeros

GOD made life not chance.

Evolution is fake science. Don’t base your life on a lie.

We did not come from Monkeys

What is your purpose? Who made you? What will happen after you die?

Live A Good Life, Pass The Ultimate Test.

Porn Drugs Bribes?

For loosers.

Bangalore : 5000 Teenage girls Gang raped every day in brothels.

War against teen porn.

 38000 Babies Terminated Every Month In South India By Youths!

As They Are Pregnant But Not Married…

Source: All India  Institute of Medical Science, 2008

Stop The Baby Genocide!!!

2 Million New High School Boys Start Watching Porn Every Year In South India

Source: Rescue Survey 2016 South India

 24% Degree Guys Use Prostitutes and spread HIV AIDS!   Source: Rescue Survey 2016 South India

Because We Fed Them With Internet Porn.


Teen Porn Causes  High School Girls To Be Gang Raped

 17,000 Girls Kidnapped Every Month In India To Make Porn Videos

Quote: CBI Head, Ahswani Kumar 2009

Wake up! Our High School Children Are Getting Addicted To Porn!

Older Sisters: Put Free Porn Blocking Software On Their Computers

Porn Is As Addictive As Drugs!
And Spreading Like An Epidemic!

Don’t Waste Your Bodily Glue: Save Sex For Marriage.

Stop Advertising Immoral Sex In Movies!
Remove The Bedroom Scenes

Anal Sex in 20% Suicide: takes 14 years off your life:
Don’t Legalize Homosexuality

Save the Trees
Save the Tigers
Kill The Babies?
Abortion Is Not Contraception

1.6 Crore Babies Killed
Every Year In India! How? Abortion
All India Institute of Medical Science Statistics 2008

Abortion Kills 20,000 Mothers Every Year In India.
All India Institute of Medical Science Statistics 2008

Family Planning is only 80% successful in one year relationship.
Don’t Terminate your Baby CDC USA Statistic.
No Sex Before Marriage

How Many Children Do You Want?
What Will You Do If God Gives You One More?

36% Of 16 year old Boys Watch Average 19 Rapes A Week On Their Mobile!
Block Internet Porn!
Source: Rescue Survey 2016 South India

99.3% of AIDS Spread Through Promiscuity.
New Name for Prostitution: Suicide!