First thing to understand if you are experiencing same gender attraction is that it is not your fault. However there are a number of ways by which this can develop such as:

  1. Sexual abuse in childhood or anytime
  2. Bad experiences with the opposite gender
  3. Over-indulgence in pornography or sexual activities.
  4. Experimentation or lack of opportunity with opposite gender

A thorough background study of an individual’s life will reveal reasons or roots due to which people have transferred their opposite gender attraction to same gender. This can be changed through different means like re-orientation therapy, prayer etc.

There are a few important facts to remember regarding homosexuality which will shed light into its true nature:


  1. You are not born gay or lesbian- you were born male or female. This transition that occurred during the experiences of life, usually in the adolescent age can be reversed later on.
  1. Whether you believe in God or you believe in Evolution, either ways it is homosexuality is unnatural. God created male and female to procreate and evolution is based on Natural Selection which selects what breeds the most.
  1. Same gender sexual relationship is out of lust, not love. But opposite gender relationship not is only love but it creates life by turning that love into babies.

The mind is a powerful tool and that is where most of our life’s decisions are brewed. One of the first things you need to do is begin to have a control of your mind and thoughts. Begin to believe and tell your mind after you have gone through the facts of homosexuality that you are not a girl in a guy’s body or a boy in a girl’s body or that you are sexually attracted to the opposite gender. A general attraction to the beauty of somebody of the same gender doesn’t make you a homosexual.

Watch the following video for more details: