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Human Trafficking Quick Facts

500 girls from each state every month are trafficked, abducted, tortured, starved, raped, drugged and forced into horrific sex slavery. It is mostly teenage girls. They are raped by average 7 guys per night who come to use their bodies in the brothel . Currently there are 100,000 teenage sex slaves in south India in the Pimp Empire. We pay 50 Crore Rs to them per day in prostitution. If you watch teenage porn, you are the reason for this slavery. What if it was your sister, your daughter or you?

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"One Hundred Thousand Teenage Girls Locked Up In Brothels Raped 7 times Every Day In South India:
100,000 High School Girls Gang Raped per day in South India
50,000 NHRC national human rights commission Sunitha Krishnan Prajawala who won the Padma Shree award always quotes NHRC Stats as NCRB is only for cases where FIR is filed. This figure from recent NHRC is available only in hard copy, not on net.
140,000 BBA

“If the average number of 150 reported missing children per district (from available data) is extrapolated to all 640 districts in the country, the total number of missing children in India every year would come to the tune of 96,000.” Calc: 96,000*7 years average lifespan / time in brothel=6.7 lakhs (rounded nearest lakh) under 18 India 6.7/12900 pop India lakhs * 2700 pop South India = 1.4 Lakh

270,000 CBI (Ashwani Kumar) 13,00,000 pa India (CBI total trafficked children present in India) interpolation /12,907 lakh (pop India) *2700 Lakhs (Source: child prostitutes in India Ashvani Kumar, former head of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) CNN reported may 11th 2009)

30,000 NCRB National Crime Records Bureau for 2014 approximately 21,000 (children under 12 and girls under 30 were abducted without specified) /12,907 lakh (pop India) *2700 Lakhs =4400pa *7 years =31000. (However in every district many more cases where the parents of missing children gave clues to the police, their complaints were only recorded in the station records but no FIRs were lodged and investigated.) NGO’s , WHO, UN quotes much higher values eg:  National institute of public cooperation & child development Average 1.2 Lakh "