Most people have no idea why Homosexuality has severe problems. It is not just about two guys loving each other, it is about how they have intercourse which is unnatural for good reasons discussed in these videos.

On average Homosexuals in USA have 50 sleeping partners or 49 divorces! They have 140 times the chances of getting AIDS, syphilis and other STDs compared to Heterosexauls. Overall, anal sex ( the only option for gays) takes 14 years off someones life = 20% suicide! Don’t say what people do in their bedrooms is their business and we should not interfere. 1 man in Africa slept with a monkey 60 years ago and got AIDS. Now because of promiscuity and STDs 35 million have died of AIDS as a result of what that 1 man did!




Health Implications

Homosexuality 3

Curable and Social Impact

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Homosexuality and Pedophilia