Abhishek Clifford is the CEO of Rescue NGO and founder. He has been leading this NGO since 2012. He is a social activist against human trafficking, female foetocide, and sexual harrasment in India and their roots. Abhishek Clifford has done extensive research on these issues in Indian colleges and their connection to rape porn and child porn. He works with his team in south Indian colleges and is often invited to media debate on these issues.

Abhishek Clifford initially began Rescue with the vision to stop the baby genocide happening in India through abortions. However, after a few months of doing research and surveys amongst the youth, it came to Abhishek Clifford ‘s notice that the root cause of sexual immorality leading to sex before marriage and subsequently youth pregnancies is the growing addiction to pornography. Thus the NGO decided to expand its vision and deal with the underlying evil behind sexual harassment, Human Trafficking and the increasing violence against women in India


                  Bsc, PG in Education                   Founder and CEO of Rescue