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Rescue ‘Research and Training’ Charity Trust Annual Report 2011/2012

CEO Report

Rescue is launched! The passion to reach out to the younger generation who generally are in the dark & are being spoilt without proper guidance has motivated us to lay the blue print of Rescue. On mass, English medium education and internet access is leading the present Indian generation to many harmful western influences. Promiscuous attitudes and behaviour inspiring films and media are on the increase leading Indian youths towards self destruction.



Our vision is for PUC and Degree students to conduct awareness programs on the importance of traditional values. Rescue has lots of volunteers who do skits, dances jokes and presentation focused at our target audience.. We reached 10,000 students in  a total of 20 colleges. After one of the first colleges in Adichuchanageri, A Muslim teacher approached us and gave us the contact details of all the Muslim colleges where she said they needed this program. Then a Roman Catholic Nun did the same for Christian colleges followed by a Hindu lecturer who gave us his List! This is the need of the hour to protect the moral values in India.


Why should students stay abstinent until marriage ?? and  what are the effects of illegal, unhealthy, barbaric nature of youth abortions and female foeticide in India ??. The West has its divorce rate approaching 60%. Why should Indian youths follow such a disastrous path? India has 2% divorce. Mera Bharath Mahan! Let us continue in the same way.

We spent months preparing for  disaster response unit which included: 10 bathroom tents, 3 toilet tents, 6 family (6 man) tents kitchen tent and a huge 66 by 24 feet meeting / hospital tent. Half way through making we did 2 day training camp at Kunti Beta.

The strain on finances still persists due to the lack of regular donors. The generous donations of our donor summed up to 1,79,000 Rupees to cover expenses in our 1st year.

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Rescue Vision

Rescue Charitable Trust Annual Report 2011/2012

Letter from the President:

Dear friends,

Our heart’s filled with patriotism and eye’s focused to accomplish the impossible has brought forth the dawn of Rescue Charitable Trust on August 30th 2011 as a registered organisation. We are young blood who will stand for the moral welfare of the young blood. The fire that drives us are: the reality that the youth of India have been introduced to westernisation that accompanies with it the sweet poison of immorality and careless self destruction, millions of babies lost due to youth abortion, and the lives lost due natural disasters without sufficient volunteers helping the government of India.

In Mysore, we intend to build a network of volunteers who could contribute their time, resources and skills for the benefit of the community. We are confident that this would very soon grow into a large network, from which the organisation would be able to draw committed individuals as members of the organisation itself. We have also been busy preparing tents and other equipments for training purpose of our volunteers.

We have appointed Mr. Abishek Clifford as the CEO of Rescue to guide the youngsters and college students who have jumped onto the bandwagon at the time of need. This financial year, we have been focused on bringing forth staff recruitment policies and trustee’s recruitment policies. Our donors have been generous to us in every way, but our team suffers in numbers as we are unable to pay a regular salary to those who join us. We pay them honorariums for now. At this critical stage of Organisational Development, we recognise that it is critical for us to strengthen our base. Some have formally joined the organisation as volunteers; we want more to follow. We are looking up to the new group of youngsters to take lead, and ensure that our roots are deep enough to bear the burden of the ever-increasing supra-structure.

We are confident that the blessings of all our well-wishers, which has been instrumental in our successes of establishing Rescue, shall stand with us in achieving balanced Growth and deliver meaningful comprehensive services to the community in the coming years.

                                                                                                                                  Avith Anand Raj


Rescue Charitable Trust (R)

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Rescue ‘Research and Training’ Charity Trust Annual Report 2012/13

CEO Report

Rescue is fully up and running! Volunteers help has led  us in presenting our Ethics program to 42,500 students in 177 colleges. We have stopped all our cultural activities like dance and skit so that each of our volunteers can take a separate classroom, and we could cover more students. Taluk and rural areas are quick to agree to ethical programs and give a much larger percentage of their student population to  ethical programs in comparison to the urban areas. Also, the permission letter from the Deputy Director of PUC education entrusted to us convinced the principals on the quality of our Ethics program. . We have set up a temporary web site. We have decided to step out of Mysore to reach our objective this involves raising up teams to cover the objective of reaching Karnataka on mass travelling and living with a team of volunteers for 6 weeks in simple accommodation. The decision of stepping out was fruitful  We can now go viral with our vision to educate youths with family and traditional relationship values.




Bangalore was more challenging and harder to get bookings.  In Bangalore, we went public and published our initial research in our 1st press meeting. Followed by 7 quick news report ‘interviews’ for TV news clips. We were amazed to see the news paper filled with our research, warnings and suggestions the next day. It was our 1st venture into the media. We were in awe at how the media can multiply our message to the general public. The vision was now even more clearer: colleges for  the youth, media for the adults!

Our main research was concerning how much porn was being consumed by teenagers. We discovered and published that 70% of PUC boys in watch 7 hours a week of sex videos. Starting on an average of 9. 50% in a year these teenagers also meet their lover’s in secret and spend 2 hours chatting on mobiles in the night and through on mass texting. The porn they access through their mobile constitutes to around 50% of their consumption. Hence, we started our drive to push the government to block all porn on the internet.




We invited World vision an NGO that is an expert in disaster management to conduct 3 days of training on disaster management and a 2 day camp in Kerala. The team brought the reality of disaster response and caution to be taken prior getting into action.




We published a book in English and Kannada going into more details of the consequences of porn addiction and the baby genocide. We explained how porn ruins romance, decreases attraction between couples, and how it is a menace to families and inspires divorce with all the documented perils to children brought up in single parent homes.



Our donors generously donated 3,56,000 rupees which enabled our achievements including honorariums for a strong team of 11 volunteers who have been committed full time till the end of this financial year. The strain on finances still persists due to the lack of regular donors.


Rescue Charitable Trust Annual Report 2012/13

Letter from the President:

Dear friends,

Rescue Charitable Trust (R) has had a successful year of 2011-12. We thank our donors and the youth enthusiasts who have made this possible. This financial year of 2012-13 saw an increase not only in the volume of activities and the people that we worked with, but also with the lives that were touched with our awareness programs. When we started, the dire need was of youth awareness against immoral life style. In the absence of organisations addressing these issue and educational services making an attempt on youth moral awareness, we took on the role of direct providers of youth moral awareness by going to schools & colleges with the permission of the concerned authorities such as the BEO for schools and Deans of colleges etc.

The financial year of 2012-13 has been a year of achievement for us. Our volunteer strength’s have been increasing drastically. The decisions made by young adults who have attended our ethical program with respect to ethical issues such as youth abortions, immoral lifestyles, studiousness and the culture of India has increased as per their feedbacks. We have been building our statistics on the above mentioned issues. Our plans for press meets after completing a particular district has been successful with Mr. Abishek Clifford leading the team.

We have progressed by conducting classes for 42,000 students in schools and colleges in this financial year. This year Rescue has reached the door step of all the colleges in Mysore. We have an official mobile number and sewing machine that our volunteers use to stitch tents for disaster management. The stitching of tents now has given us the idea of how we can use cheap materials to accommodate a large number of people during disasters.

We thank our donors who have been generous to us. Their generosity and the strength of our volunteers has helped us step out of Mysore into Bangalore, but we fail to meet the expectations of our enthusiastic volunteers in providing them with full time employment. The channelization of our donations towards meeting our objectives which we find on our top priorities has been graciously accepted by our volunteers. We thank our dear volunteers for their graciousness.


Avith Anand Raj


Rescue Charitable Trust (R)

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Rescue ‘Research and Training’ Charity Trust Annual Report 2013/14

CEO Report

This year, we have reached a staggering 66,000 students in 299 colleges! We travelled to the main education centres of Karnataka including Hubli, Gadag, Belgaum, Dharvad, and Bidar. Our donors were gracious  compared to the previous year and donated 7,76,000 rupees but the stress on finances continues as we struggled to give honorariums to our volunteers who work dedicatedly.  In Dharvad district alone we reached 27000 students in 94 colleges in a mammoth 2.5 month tour covering all the taluks and two cities. The district collector (DC) gave us permission to use the inspection bungalows, and we also stayed in orphanages, hospitals, youth hostels and children’s home free of cost!




We started teaching in professional colleges like law, medical and engineering. We would give time for debate which went on for hours! Students said, they had never heard the advantages of one life time sleeping partner and lamented that they had not heard about the dangers of porn before. We started doing successful NGO seminars and started training other NGOs to address these ‘taboo’ issues boldly and with wisdom and gentleness. Hundreds of students volunteered to join our team but their enthusiasm short lived as the intensity of the interest of teenagers for this social cause was not competitive enough.

The NGOs, however, started college programs especially Rescue Bangalore (alias Rhoumai) and Rescue Belgaum. They also organized a march of 200 members on the street a week after we finished speaking in 20 professional colleges. This was documented by News Papers and other media.




After our press meet in Hubli, the TV9 reporter told us his heart was burning, and he would get us on prime time news. One week later, we were called to the Bangalore studio on TV9 and took part in a 1.5 hour debate on porn. They published all our research so far in this program. We did a total of 3 TV programs with them, and our vision for media multiplied as did the extent of our coverage.




We had two training seminars for our ‘staff’ on human trafficking which emotionally stirred our team. We decided to include this topic in our presentations as it was so clearly connected: guys watch porn and want to try it out with young prostitutes, so more young girls are trafficked and forced into sex slavery, and  also, more guys watch child or teen porn (48%) leading to greater demand for this to be produced. Hence, more young girls are abducted to supply what’s demanded. Porn fuels the 3rd largest criminal activity in the world, human trafficking or present day sex slavery. Our research revealed, 72% of the boys are inspired by porn to use prostitutes, and 24% of degree boys pay for sex at some time. An astonishing 80% of degree boys watch porn and 30% of them sleep with their girlfriends. Out of which, 36% of them watch hard core violent rape porn which would result in watching 19 rapes on an average per week. We discovered these shocking statistics this year in our research which left the public spellbound. A £ million rapes are watched each day in Karnataka by college boys. We argued that this was what was causing the well documented increase in rapes and sexual harassment which gained to attention of media.

Half of the porn we discovered analysing our surveys came from cyber cafés and download shops. Hence, we began to approach the commissioners and superintendents of police in each district. In Gadag, the police responded to our plea by visiting all cyber cafés and warning the owners to install the legally required porn blocking software and reminding shops that according to It act 2008 section 67(a) it is 5 years  of imprisonment for selling porn in India. In Mysore and Belgaum, we conducted raids with the police inspectors and closed down a total of 5 shops with 10 arrests. We called the press and had an excellent coverage again furthering the message of the poison of pornography.


   IMG_20140514_114616   IMG_20140514_115322


We were requested by the principals of VTU (engineering colleges) in Karnataka to produce cyber ethics training videos to address these issues on mass. . Although the recording quality was not good, we recorded live in some colleges. We had a disaster management training camp for 5 days in Tanur-Kere to which 50 youths attended.

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Aim: Reduction of rape, abuse, AIDS, youth pregnancies and human trafficking through college awareness programs.

Goals In Each City:

*    NGO Training

o   Train established and raise up new NGOs to deal with youth porn addiction, to teach sexual morality in colleges, to work with police in preventing high school children accessing porn.

o    1 full day seminar, individual NGO training meetings, goal: 1 new or activated NGO to address this issue in city. (succeeded GOA, Bangalore, Belgaum)

*    College Programs

o   Do programs in multiple* PUC or Degree colleges (depending on availability due to exam times). Priority for degree colleges is BEd colleges, Medical, Nursing, and Law Colleges. English medium colleges and local language depends on the availability of staff fluent in that language.

o    Aim 10-15 colleges. (with a larger team we averaged 31 colleges per city in our 1st 3 years and we stayed longer) Aim: 3000 students (previous average 8000 per city)

*    Research

o   Do research on how much child and rape porn is watched.

o    Aim 20-25 colleges 400-500 students (this is our normal achievement)

*    Media

o   Publish research in papers and TV news media

o    Aim 10 local and state newspapers, 3 state tv channels (this is our normal achievement)

*    Syllabus

o   Present research to Education Authorities and encourage the development of new syllabi to address present crisis.

*    Police Raids

o   Present research to police authorities and conduct raids on shops selling porn to high school children

*    Follow Up

o   200 books and 200 DVDs sold to interested students

o   100 students join our youth movement through facebook

o   Materials given for student’s training.

(These are our normal achievements)


Rescue Charitable Trust Annual Report 2013/14

Letter From The President:

Dear friends,

This financial year, our commitment to the cause of moral accountability of the youth and the progressive increase in our competencies with the coupled guidance of our well-wishers, helped us in making an impact on the society on many fronts. We have succeeded greatly in our achievements.

Engaged as we are in various activities of the trust, many of them driven by time-bound outputs and measured by countable numbers, we often feel that we are in a race – a race against time to achieve these numbers. Our impact on Karnataka has greatly increased as our travel team covered Hubli, Gadag, Belgaum, Dharvad, and Bidar in this financial year. We have fuelled these major districts of Karnataka and succeeded in raising teams. There have been marches conducted in Belgaum, TV programs in Hubli and press meetings of our statistics.

We have moved a step ahead and conducted seminars and conferences for interested NGO’s. Our camping for training the volunteers for disaster response was in Tanur-Kere which was fruitful with 50 youths for 5 days. We trained these youths on disaster response and raising teams with the objectives of Rescue. Also, enlightening these youths on the activity of the trust for the financial year and how we offer a helping hand when they would take initiatives.

The growth in the qualitative content during the process of organisational strengthening has also been satisfying. This financial year brought to us a new learning on “Human Trafficking”. We had a training session conducted, and we have decided to add this to our teaching as we see the correlation between Human Trafficking and youth moral accountability. The growing diversity of experience and exposure of the members of the Governing Body as well as the organisation, and the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the advisors, have brought many new insights, and helped in more vigorous internal questioning. The search for answers, and the quest for perfection, continues! 

We have been blessed with many enthusiastic and committed youngsters as volunteers who have contributed to Rescue in many ways. We are now on a quest to expand our platform to many more like-minded individuals. The generous donations of our donors and the income from sales have been the reason for our feather in the cap experience we enjoy. We look ahead planning for a major transformation as an organisation for the welfare of our nation.

Avith Anand Raj


Rescue Charitable Trust (R)


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Rescue ‘Research and Training’ Charity Trust Annual Report 2014/15

CEO Report

Out of Karnataka but into the winter Rescue lost a lot of its volunteers After 3 years of exponential growth, we plummeted to reach only 11,600 students this year in 74 colleges. This was mainly due to a mass exodus of staff due to lack of financial remuneration. The reason was the volunteer status of most of our employees due to lack of funds which fuelled the opposition of their families. Persecution from communities due to nature of subjects we were addressing, and As we raised the standard of ethics and education required for volunteers.

However, we progressed out of Karnataka and began to venture into surrounding states widening our motive of raising more teams and enlightening students all over India. Our initial plan included Goa and Telangana. We could not speak the local language so only English medium staff were required which proved to be very hard to find. Vernacular language educated youths can adjust to low salaries but for English medium it is a sacrifice on their lifestyle. We went from 10 teaching ‘staff’ to two until the end of the year when a Doctor and Psychologist joined to hold the ranks.



Hyderabad was a short powerful punch which expanded our vision. We only did a short strike for two weeks, but we were subsequently invited to speak in a parliamentary meeting after some officials discussed our research and were appalled. Later the government blocked 853 porn websites. Although only for 4 days, this block of porn websites proved to the general public that on mass porn blocking is 100% possible not only on individual computers but in the nation as well. We met with the inspector general of police for 2 meetings and had extensive discussions with the director of higher secondary education on how to incorporate cyber ethics in the syllabus.

We began to incorporate teaching against unhealthy sexual relationships such as which are depicted in porn web sites such as anal and oral methods illegal in India. In medical colleges the students showed their text books which gave the same warnings however other colleges declared they had never been warned before.  These topics evoked great debates among the students who as always declared that they had never heard the reasons for the traditional values.

We produced student follow-up DVDs with more info on these topics. The generous donations of our donors amounted up to 7,13,000 rupee income. The strain on finances still persists due to the lack of regular donors.




We ran a disaster response training camp in Blue lagoon KRS back waters for 65 youths for 5 days. To-date we have sold 10,000 of our cyber ethics books to students.


Rescue Charitable Trust Annual Report 2014/15

Letter From The President:

Dear Friends,

We have looked back at the Year 2014-15. Even as I look into the reports, statistics and narratives that try to capture the performance of our teams, I am thankful to the immense treasure of experience and learning that this financial year has bestowed on us. This financial year, our organisation has spread it’s wings, and we look at India at large. Though, the down sliding graph of volunteers was directly proportional to the performance of the organisation and we lost a great number of volunteers, we progressed into Goa and Telangana. 

Not all experiences can be expressed in numbers, and many even escape words. I urge you all to ‘feel’ the report and not just read and analyse it. The focus of Rescue in the coming years will necessarily have to prepare us for the exciting years that lie ahead and also ensure that we rise to be a ‘role model’ in the sector. This we hope to do by concentrating on Rescue as a mission rather than an organisation.

Our intensions of building a morally accountable nation was welcomed by both Goa and Telangana this year. In Goa, our team successfully completed the mission of reaching the youth population on mass with the support of the authorities. In Telegana, we found a stream of opportunities. Our CEO Mr. Abishek Cliffors was given the opportunity to speak to the MP’s of the state which resulted in a great impact on the nation followed by the ban 827 websites of porn for 4 days. We were able to prove for the first time that such an action can be taken by the government of India for the welfare of it’s people.  

Though running on low numbers, our treasure of experiences and achievements grew on a large scale for the welfare of India as a nation. Rescue is a mission, and we look forward for young volunteers to complete this mission of cleansing India of immoral lifestyle adopted by the west resulting in increased abortions and human trafficking.

We also treasure our volunteers, but our enthusiastic volunteers expected the status of full time employees which we failed to provide due to fluctuating funds. We hope to see stability in both our finances and our volunteers whom we could appoint as full time staff.

Avith Anand Raj                            President, Rescue Charitable Trust (R)

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Rescue ‘Research and Training’ Charity Trust Annual Report 2015/2016

CEO Report

Back up to 44,100 student coverage! Rescue’s winter was over and into spring! Many of the old members joined back. Some of who have started doing training for other NGOs: Raising teams is the aim. Our camp was a success! We turned the beautiful blue lagoon island which has no tap water, no shelter, no toilets into a mini village for a week with 130 young people and some adults. It was like a real disaster response situation at last after 4 years of trying. Only the toilets needed improvement.




We launched into social media reaching lakhs of people on you-tube but only getting hundreds of subscribers on Facebook.  We produced our 1st semi-professional videos and began to distribute them in every college. Now these colleges could have the same program the following years for their students even without our presence. The entire university of Mangalore gave us 20 minutes in their annual meeting with the Vice chancellor, and we distributed the DVDs to 120 principals.




We covered 98 colleges in Chennai, Coimbatore and Mangalore. We created a record of 14 TV channels in our Coimbatore press meet, and we entered the 1st time into the national press papers and TV station DD in Chennai. We did 4 TV full programs, 2 local and 2 state including publishing our now state wide survey results upon completing Karnataka.




In these programs, we shared that according to our research 52% of students who watch soft porn end up watching hard porn (rape and child porn), 84% of the students said that porn addiction is progressive in this way, 85% said it leads to sexual activities, 69% said that watching rape leads to the desire to rape amounting to 6 million college boys watching teen (child) porn fuelling the explosion of trafficking of minors for sexual exploitation and 3 million demanding young prostitutes.




We added to our programs the science of Intelligent Design verse the theory of Evolution. This step was taken as our research showed that 50% of the students rejected the idea of moral accountability in favour of monkeys to man mutations and natural selection. Again after the program, students said they had never heard the other side of the argument. We had our 1st international intern and hope for many more! We did not hold a training camp this year. Our donor were generous this year and supported us with 812,000 rupees , but the strain on finances still persists as the projects expand. Although our full time volunteers are now getting married and need a decent salary which we struggle to provide. The need of the hour is extensive research, more first hand statistics resulting in expenditure on meeting the mass of India. We have applied for  tax exemption and hope to get it at the earliest.


Rescue Charitable Trust Annual Report 2015/2016

Letter from the President:

Dear friends,

As the year 2015-16 ends, it is time again for introspection of our bearings in this long journey on essentially unchartered seas. As we look back at the activities that the organization undertook during the past year, I am happy to see a progressive focus on the ‘whole’ as against the year 2014-15 in terms of number of students covered.

The year 2015-16 has renewed our belief that committed workers with the necessary competence can bring about tremendous impacts even in a uncomfortable atmosphere. The activities detailed in this Annual Report paint the pictures of such change with words, numbers and images. At the core, we believe that the main fuel for such a change is to be sustained and further refined is the band of workers ready for the travails of thankless hard work.

We continued to build the Hearts that would feel for the morality of India. Regular communications with the staff, youth, well-wishers and donors helped us to strengthen the bonds that hold us all together. We continued our efforts to reconnect with former volunteers and members - and it is heartwarming to note that they too share like mindedness with us.

We were able to reach out to many youth this year in colleges and enthuse them to think about morality in India. Their involvement in the activities such as in surveys, opened up for us the immense potential of a hidden workforce.

We have touched the adults through 14 TV programs this year. We have produced standard videos and our survey results were published in most of the TV programs awakening the people on India against the negative impact of westernization.

We look forward for the generosity of our donors to continue. Also once the approval of our 12A & 80 G forms from the Income tax department, we look forward for regular donors. Our problem with appointing employees persist. We hope to solve this issue at the earliest for the better benefits of our volunteers who are our major concern.



Avith Anand Raj


Rescue Charitable Trust (R)

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